CSR strategy and sustainability

Our production level is small and made-to-order, which keeps a high level of communication with our suppliers. We work with small family-owned production factories located in Denmark, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Germany, which gives us better transparency. To ensure that our materials and processes meet our requirements, we work with various certifications and standards that cover materials, production, and the people who work with materials and processing. We aim to use the best certifications available on the market. Different processes have different certifications, so our products are not necessarily certified in the same way.

Below is a list of some of the certifications we work with.


Making conscious choices in our design process, providing products made from more sustainable materials and committing to finding even more solutions and processes to reduce water used in fabric and garment manufacturing. Educating customers on proper garment care by providing information to consumers about ways to extend product durability and prolong the life cycle of clothing. Creating an effortless collection that can last a lifetime. We use high-quality fabrics, offering multi-functional styles and facilitating alteration possibilities that are an easy adjustment to the size and shape. Styling guidance to encourage longer use and potential re-use. Our products are designed and manufactured to have a long life.

We buy local, used, and antique furniture for our showroom, atelier, and workroom in Copenhagen and Berlin, and also use headstocks in our production. Most of our lighting is either light bulbs, energy-saving light bulbs or light bulls. We are committed to reducing CO2, energy and water consumption and reducing our overall environmental impact. Waste is recycled, which has an impact on our design process. 

Most of our collection is produced in our Copenhagen and Berlin ateliers as made to order. However, we also work with local, family-owned production companies in Bulgaria, and Hungary. 

We are committed to following the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Global Compact. These principles help us stay aligned with our sustainability and social ambitions and achievements. These are reviewed yearly to see how we can better align strategies and adhere to universal principles on human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. 

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